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How To Find A Luxury Hotel Deal Online

Online hotel booking has made it much easier to find and book a luxury hotel or resort in no time.  Not too long ago if you were planning luxury travel you needed to book your reservation direct through the hotel or resort.  You were stuck paying whatever the hotel or resort was charging when you called to book your vacation. With the advent and growth of the online travel industry in the late 1990’s, a more efficient means to fill unsold hotel rooms and resort accommodations emerged. Wholesale luxury travel suppliers can buy bulk luxury rooms so that you can book a luxury vacation at a great rate.  There are a few things to look for to successfully find a luxury hotel deal online.

Do You Want Economy Travel Or Are You Splurging?

Many folks think of a hotel accommodation as just a place to sleep after a busy day on the family vacation or a full day of business travel.  If you aren’t going to be in the hotel much and just need a clean bed in a safe area to recharge for your next outside adventure, then maybe a well-reviewed two or three star accommodation will suffice.  For the most budget conscious, maybe an economy inn, a hostel, or even a cheap motel will do.

For many others, a vacation is a luxury event and one that is sure to make memories. The hotel or resort is a very important part of the travel and a way to pamper yourself and your family.  Luxury hotels and resorts pay special attention to the traveler’s every need with room service, 4 and 5 star dining, indoor pools, Jacuzzi’s, and luxurious king-size beds with soft and comfortable linens. If you want these amenities and more, like fitness rooms, entertainment at night, and full-service onsite spas, you’ll want to confine your search to only 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts.  Select the “star rating” on the left of the hotel display to filter by only luxury hotels and resorts on a leading site like 

When You Travel Matters Most

In order to find a luxury hotel or resort deal online the most important factor is often going to be when you travel. If you happen to be travelling to a city hosting a major national convention and didn’t know it, you’ll be surprised to find almost all of the rooms either sold out or available for booking only at nosebleed prices.  Do a little homework on your destination; search on the “city name” and “convention” and “month name” to get an idea what’s going on and which weeks in particular to avoid. 

Using search techniques like this will keep you from making one of the biggest travel mistakes.  When possible, don’t make your travel plans before knowing the hotel demand in the area during your intended travel dates.  If you travel at the right time, your destination will offer you a wide variety or luxury hotels and resorts at prices that you would have expected from a two or three star hotel.

As you begin to think about supply and demand for luxury hotel rooms and resorts, consider the enormous seasonal impact of luxury travel to destinations of beauty and comfort.  During cold winter months travelers in northern hemispheres flock to warm southern climates. And during school holidays luxury hotels and luxury resorts may raise their rates up to 70% or more in the last 60 days to account for the increasing demand and diminishing supply of luxury hotel rooms.  If you need to travel during a school holiday, consider booking very early or very late. 

Early booking will generally get you the best value with a good selection.  Late booking of luxury hotels may sometimes get you an incredible bargain, but you’ll often need to be willing to take a chance that your luxury destination does not completely sell out. If you know where you want to go on your luxury holiday or vacation, consider a “shoulder season”, which can save you considerably and help you avoid crowds, long lines, and slow service.  There are some good and well-known travel guides from Smarter Travel, Lonely Planet, and Fodor’s, which will assist you to locate shoulder seasons in specific travel destinations.

Lastly, Determine Both When And Where To Book

As we have said, how far in advance you book a luxury travel deal really matters. If you are adventurous and not towing a large family, you might consider booking a luxury hotel in advance and then trying your luck at last minute hotel booking once you reach your destination.  Don’t try this strategy on a busy holiday week or convention week.  Not just luxury hotels but often all hotels can be sold out.  Be careful with this strategy and limit your risk of disappointment and the chance of being left without any luxury hotel room at all. 

One way to do this is to check back online at for same day deals after you have spent a day or two in your destination. If you didn’t pre-pay for your luxury stay, you can check with the front desk about checking out early and take advantage of unsold luxury inventory in your destination city.  You’ll be surprised at the luxury hotel deals available when the clock runs out on these rooms. provides and updates special offers on late luxury rooms and luxury resort deals hourly. Hoteliers are willing to provide deep discounts to fill an unsold hotel room when it looks like the demand isn’t there and the room is going to represent lost revenue to them at midnight. Use Luxury Hotels Resorts to find the lowest advertised luxury hotel room prices and book a luxury deal on your next luxury travel adventure.

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