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Sometimes when you travel you don’t want “cheap hotels” bargain or economy hotels.  Some vacations and holidays demand more than just a place to spend the night.  If you are bringing the family along or just want to make sure that you get the most enjoyment form your vacation, you’ll want to consider a 5 star luxury hotel resort option. We have listed 3 useful tips to conduct a comprehensive search of all luxury hotels resorts to assist you to find the best luxury travel deals. 

  1. Early Booking or Late Booking.  The worst time to look for a luxury hotel or resort deal is the same time that everyone else is looking.  Be contrarian and conduct your search very early (termed early booking) or very late (referred to as “last minute hotel booking”).  By booking early you’ll get a very good selection before the crowd pushes up the demand for hotel rooms and dwindles the supply down to slim pickings. If you missed the early booking window you can consider last minute luxury hotel booking by simply scouring an aggregator site like  Many of these travel aggregation sites put together last minute booking deals at low gotta clear them out now prices.
  2. Flash Sales. Consider searching the web for what is referred to as “flash-sales”.  Some sites offer very limited flash sale opportunities on luxury hotel rooms (sometimes only one day), but you generally have some choice of dates and can elect to opt out of the selection for a limited time period.  Be sure to read and understand any restrictions.  Occasionally you can phone a representative of these sites and get an even lower price by phone from websites such as Spire, Vacationist, and HauteLook for example.
  3. Luxury Hotel Consolidators. There are so many luxury hotel and five star resort websites that it’s hard to know which one has the best luxury hotel room rates for the city of your final destination.  Consider using a luxury hotels and luxury resorts hotel room aggregator that searches the deals for you and combines them into one simple interface.  One such site is, founded in 1990 as Luxury Hotels and 5 Star Resorts prior to making its debut on the web in the late 1990’s, this booking engine is now owned by Hotelligent, one of the largest hotel room consolidators in the USA and UK.  You can search for luxury 5 star hotels and five star resorts on this website with confidence.  Select your desired amenities, order by price and 4 stars or 5 stars, and get the results for the best luxury hotel deals online. They offer a lowest price guarantee.


With today’s fast and effective luxury hotel search and booking technology, there really isn’t any reason that shouldn’t be able to find a great value on a luxury hotel resort using these 3 useful luxury travel search tips.  There will always be the rich and famous that don’t need to balance the checkbook at month’s end or the business traveler whose hotel tab is on the company expense report, but for the cost-conscious traveler that also wants the best luxury hotels and 5 star resorts without paying too much, the luxury hotel booking secrets will be sure to save you some money while you are still able to enjoy the luxury amenities that you need to make a wonderful holiday memory or business travel experience.

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