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Luxury Destination Spa Hotels and Resorts

Luxury Spa Hotel and Resort destinations are favored by travelers when the travel emphasis is on personal relaxation and wellbeing. In essence luxury destination spa enthusiasts prefer the experience that a luxury spa hotel delivers.

Choose a Luxury Spa Hotel, if you want:

  • Great spa treatments as a part of the holiday break experience.
  • To spend time with the family, when escaping for a short time.
  • Spend one day or several days (some Europe luxury hotels have minimal stay requirements).
  • Optional amenities such as golfing, fishing or outdoor nature and hiking paths.
  • To relax in the hotel instead of hustling through a tour of the local attractions. 


Consider Upgrading to a Luxury Spa Hotel Resort for:

  1. Lavish settings where the layout and design of the environment of the luxury hotels is purely concentrated on relaxation, healthy living, getting inspired and energy building.
  2. Adult environment, you can leave your children at home!
  3. A relaxing surrounding having a sense of fellowship, where it is easy to meet new travel friends.
  4. Numerous relaxation programs, which might be comprised of meditation, walks, lectures on health, development, and exercise classes.
  5. A great choice of organic foods.
  6. Package pricing, which could be comprised of luxury hotel rooms, extravagant facility amenities, 5 star dining and meals, and spa treatments.


Whichever Luxury Hotel Resort that you select, we recommend that you reserve your spa procedures while booking. Be sure the luxury spa hotel of your destination can offer spa treatment rooms and has the availability and appointment time available to meet your requirements and spa relaxation needs.

Best Luxury Spa Hotel Destinations

For travelers who would like to have a relaxing luxury vacation without having to leave the hotel, we recommend a stay at a luxury hotel; especially a luxury spa hotel can be an excellent choice. Luxury spa hotels pride themselves on the quality of their services and facilities, and there are certain luxury spa destinations, which are really a cut above the rest.

  1. France. Many luxury spa hotels are situated in the French Alps and were developed on a grand scale; this will not suit those travelers who are seeking a small and secluded getaway in a boutique luxury hotel. French luxury spa hotels feature golf courses, casinos, and numerous sports facilities, though it is the spa option that is the best attraction. 
  2. Morocco. A magnificent destination that can offer lots of luxury spa hotels as well as luxury beach hotels. Positioned on the Atlantic shore near Casablanca, these boutique luxury hotels look out over a blue lagoon and are surrounded by a wonderful series of cliffs. Luxury spa hotels in Morocco have amazing suites and rooms plus the eye-catching design emphasis materials (marble, stone, and oleander), which perfectly complement the natural surroundings. Each luxury spa hotel is a luxury spa with indoor saunas, hammams, and indoor swimming pools.  
  3. Capri. Among the outstanding luxury hotels resorts, Capri occupies a very important place because of its wonderful luxury spa hotels, with famous people flocking to these Capri Italy luxury hotels each year for their personalized treatments. Situated in a remarkable cliff top location above the ocean, these hotels are located near the Capri Beauty Farm that was overseen by renowned Professor Francesco Canonaco, an expert in the advanced health treatments. In fact, there are roughly 60 available, comprising such advanced treatments as medicated mud applications and coffee peels. In case you would like to experience the latest developments in beauty and health, a stay at luxury spa hotels in Capri is what the Professor recommended!



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