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Boutique Luxury Hotels In The USA

The term Boutique Luxury Hotel was coined in North America and specifically identifies the type of hotel that provides the guest with a more intimate and unique experience within a 4 or 5 star luxury hotel environment. Boutique luxury hotels have also been referred to by varying names such as lifestyle hotels, design hotels, and small luxury hotels.

The services, accommodation, and facilities are chiefly personalized and this is the aspect of boutique luxury hotels that sets them aside from chain hotels and even independent economy and value hotels.  Expect the best from a warm and attentive environment when you stay at a boutique or small luxury hotel.

Boutique luxury hotels became popular in the 1980’s in such mainstream cities as San Francisco, London, and New York City. The first new luxury boutique hotels to appear were in New York City.  Many of these newly developed luxury hotels were developed by the entrepreneur boutique hotelier co-creator Ian Schrager.

Boutique and Small Luxury Hotel Characteristics

Boutique Hotels and Small Luxury Hotels are generally defined by their size and characteristics, which include:

  1. Smaller than the commercial mainstream hotels, generally with a room count of three to one hundred rooms;
  2. In-house internet, Wi-Fi, and special amenities;
  3. In-house bars;
  4. 24/7 hotel staff for individual service;
  5. Occasionally themed, historic, or extravagance and charm that is not available in even commercial 4 and 5 star hotel chains.


Boutique and Small Luxury Hotels offer a highly personalized environment, a specific style statement that complements the tone of the city or the district of the boutique hotels' particular location. If you are planning on spending some quality time in a Boutique Luxury Hotel, don’t assume that they have a vacancy just because they are generally a bit pricier than 4 and 5 star hotels.  Boutique Hotels often enjoy seasonal or annual repeat guest bookings, and its best to plan your stay well in advance if you want to be assured of room availability.

Generally the most premium Boutique Luxury Hotels do very little advertising as word-of-mouth from satisfied hotel guests often fills thier rooms well in advance.  If you are considering a boutique hotel stay for your next vacation or holiday, be sure to read the guest reviews for these splendid and unique accommodations.  Select from Boutique Luxury Hotels Resorts and be pampered with old world charm, new world extravagance, or even a historic and charming experience to remember for a lifetime.


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